Iraq-Iran War and Wikileaks (Nothing Yet?)

January 22, 2011

I have been giving Wikileaks a couple of months to publish some cables regarding the Iraq-Iran war. I think millions of others who lived through the nightmare of the last classic war of the 20’th century would like to know more about that. To my disappointment neither Wikileaks nor any other media outlets who had access to the cables did publish any cables originated between 1979-1986.

If you remember (well many prefer not to, specially in the post 9/11 era ) there was nasty war going on between Iran and Iraq , meanwhile Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan and U. S decided to train Mojahedin fighters (turned into Taliban later ) to fight back. Remember Iran-contra affair? What about that?

Ironically U.S. Is in Iraq now and Iran is again the news maker. May be knowledge of this period of the Middle East’s recent history would shed some light on what is happening now. In my opinion much of what happened after 2000 was a logical consequence of what was going on before during the 80’s and 90’s and yet no interesting cable has been released regarding this period. I wonder why is that? Is Wikileaks waiting for the right time to release those cables? Or is it simply because the priority is given to 2000 and after? (however there are cables released from the late 70’s and 80’s but none concerns the Iran-Iraq war or Soviet’s invasion of Afganistan)

An initial analysis of what that has been released so far shows that the most discussed country in the ( published ) leaks is indeed Iran, so I don’t think if Iran is not an interesting topic. So why not go further and explore one of the most defining periods of relationship between Iran and the west? i.e the early years after the Iranian revolution and Iraq-Iran war.  I wonder would we see any of those cables any time soon? At least it is of grate interest to those whose 80’s years was defined by the “hard rock” music of Iraqi/Iranian bombs raping their childhood dreams.