Who vs. What when it came to Wikileaks

January 4, 2011

According to Google insights for search, the second most popular search term over the past 90 days (as of today January 3rd 2011) has been “wikileaks”. It is interesting to notice which were the top ten countries looking for the keyword:

Search for Wikileaks on Google

As you see almost all are coming from the “Developing” countries.

Now let see the search for the search term “Assange” (the founder of the website)

Serach for Assange on Google

Oh! Now almost all are from “Developed” countries.¬† It is also interesting to notice that the interest over time for both keywords follows the same pattern, two peaks¬† (one in October when wikileaks reselad the Iraq logs and one bigger one in late November when the diplomatic cables came out).

If you compare the search for “wikileaks” between Mozambique and Australia you’ll see there are more seraches comming from Mozambique, so there is a meaningful difference here.
I don’t want to draw any conclusions, but I can not help not noticing the clear difference between how the “North” and the “South” has reacted to the same political impulse.