White House reverses statement on Iran election !

August 5, 2009

Well, I think the original statement which now appears to be just a screw up (I hope) has been reverted.

“Let me correct a little bit of what I said yesterday. I denoted that Mr. Ahmadinejad was the elected leader of Iran. I would say that’s not for me to pass judgment on,” Robert Gibbs told reporters aboard Air Force One

I wonder if this was a response to the strong reaction from the public, or he really screwed up, if the later is the case, he must be reminded that he is the spokeman for the most influential office on this planet. A mistake of this sort has a very high cost.  One day life time of a false statement occupying major headlines can severly damage the reputation of an administration, and disappoint milions of people who are fighting for their freedom. Mind you that whebn it comes to the media you do not always deal with symmetric and reversible events.


Ahmadinejad is the president elect of Iran? Thanks President Obama!

August 5, 2009

Well done! I admire the honesty of the new administration by making it clear that the only thing that the United States cares about, when it comes to Iran, is the nuclear issue and perhaps the safety of its allies in the Middle East (all of them with astonishing human rights records!), and not the Iranian people and violation of their basic rights, which apparently is considered to be the internal affairs of Iran.

However, I do not believe that calling Ahmadinejad the “elected leader” was necessary.

Perhaps not calling him the elected leader would have not been considered as meddling in Iran’s internal affairs (and as we saw even as you didn’t meddle in Iranian matters, they killed and arrested hundreds and accused them of being funded by the US)

So why was he called the elected leader then? Don’t you think that it is taking sides ? Clearly this was a disputed election and even hight ranking Iranian officials have made it clear that they do not belive that Ahmadinejad is the elected leader. And none of them as I know (even the highest ranking Ayatollahs did not call him so).

So does it mean that the White House considers Mr.Mousavi and other candidates who did not accept the election results as crying babies who just can’t accept the defeat ?

By the way how many examples in the history do you know in which for more than 50 days after an election in which the “elected leader” gets 64% of the votes thousands of protesters are still on the streets despite the brutal crackdown coming from the “elected leaders” police force and para-militants ?

How many “elected leader”s do you know whom their plainclothes guards arrest, torture and rape their people?

I hope calling him the “elected leader” was not just because of the safety of 3 American hostages in Iran , mind you that there are 70 million human beings taken hostage there.

And I hope that this is not becasue you rather deal with the “devil that you know”, since the “devil” that you think you don’t know are the Iranian people, and they will win this war. Just watch them!

Hanging by a green rope

July 30, 2009

The author of Kahrizak report, in  his new note mentions that he  is now in Turkey.

In a part of his note he recalls a staged execution for him: Hanging him by a green rope

“…. they took me in the middle of the night into a room and asked me to write my will.  Why? I asked, you’ll be executed at the time of the morning prayer [dawn], one of the guards said. I didn’t take it seriously.  What is my crime? The answer was that I am a “Monafegh”[1] and “Mohareb”.  They made me belive that I will be killed and while crying I wrote a letter to my mother and kid sister, about two pages. They took me by the gallows. They said they have picked a green rope for me since I like the color green! where are you Mr.Mousavi? they tied my hands and lead me to a chair. I told to myself, what have I done? ! What is going on outside? Is that possible that they have killed everybody and now it is a lawless state ou there? You mean it is not possible for people to come and break the doors and rescue me? I recalled my childhood memories. God, if I am really a “Mohareb” forgive me. God you know that I always used to attend religious ceremonies. I was not good in praying though but I would fast! God forgive me!God! is my mom sleeping now? I’m sure she is looking for me everywhere. What about my sister…. I was supposed to buy her a new cellphone. Oh God! I had tears in my eyes, and I was shaking. There were 6 of them in the room. One of them saw my tears and [he] was crying [too]. I looked at him he turned his face and he cried too. I really believed that this is the end of it. Mr Shahroodi! [the head of Irans judiciary system] Imagine yourself or your own child in my place! one of them said its time, drop the chair! I closed my eyes and waiting for the chair to fall! and someone hit the chair so hard that it was thrown to the other side of the room, but [someone] grabbed me and didn’t let me fall. “

He now reveals the name of “Sadegh” the butcher of the camp, his full name is : “Sadegh Montazer-Al-Mahdi” , and apparently “Sardar Radaan” one of the commanders of the Iranian Police force (he is a member of the revolutionary guards] himself has been directly involved in Kahrizak’s concentration camp crimes.

He mentions that he will soon reveal his identity. Although at this point still there is no way to evaluate the authenticity of the reports, what he says are believable and consistent with other independent reports . In fact I remember an acquaintance who spent years in Evin prison during the 80’s, he himself has been put in front of the execution squad twice. And a couple of times he was asked to pull the trigger on his comrades (while a guard holding the gun) .

In another quick note he mentions that some of his friends have been released from the camp, however the rest have been moved to a different province. There are speculations that the reason that Khamenh’ie ordered the camp to be closed down is because it is no longer a secrete detention center  and they want to clean up the crime scene (the same goes with the floor -4 detention center of the Interior ministry where I have a translated a report about what happened there to students on this blog. )



[1] Monafegh: Is a term that the regime started using to refer to the members of an armed opposition group “People’s Mojahedin of Iran”(PMOI), called “Mojahedin”  who branched off the body of the system in 1981. Now they are in exile in Iraq. I think the main reason that they picked the term Monafegh (hypocritsc) is because “Monafgeh” rymes with “Mojahed” ! Rhyming has been the backbone of the Iranian regimes Newspeak , probably a tribute to Iranians love for peotry!

A quick update on Kahrizak post

July 28, 2009

The author of the report has updated his blog, he says that he erased the blog himself (because he got scared that he might get arrested again) and by mistake put a link to “gerdab” website (?) , here is the link to his new post in Persian

In his new posts he mentions that there were also some relatives of high ranking officials (including the nephew of Jannati, a clergy in the assembly of experts- who is one of the supporters of Ahmdainejad , however the nephew was among the protesters, and apparently after revealing his identity they released him)

In the new post as he promised he is revealing the identities of some of the other detainees  in the camp (and alive by the time that he left)

Here is the translation of the last part of his recent post which he mentions the names


Assado-llah Zareh (Physician)

Hamid Lolagar

Afshin Esmi (he is in a very bad physical condition , constantly calling his mother and sisters , he is barely 16 , I wish they would have released him instead of me)

Ehsan Shabestari

Ahmad Nik-khah

Reza Enayat

Amin Azizi (he said that he is a police staff who has been on his time off)

Hamid Rezvani

Hooman Ahmadi (he is 18-19 and the most politically active in the group , he was not scared at all and kept saying that if they release him he would attend the protests again, he said he loves Mir Hossin Mousavi. When he was being beaten by the guards he would chant “YA Hossin – Mir Hossien”!!!! [one of the official slogans by the green movement] he would get beaten so hard by the plainclothes that his chanting would not make a difference anyways)

There was another important looking person (kind of middle age man) and looked like someone who would have been high up in the system, he did not identify himself , and after 3-4 days they took him out. he didn’t look like someone who would attend protests and he would not discuss anything with anybody. The plianclothes most of the times would spare him.

First hand testimonials of a 21 year old iranian protester who was arrested on 18 Tir protests in Tehran and taken to Kahrizak camp

July 28, 2009

This is a quick translation of a first-hand account of an eyewitness who spent days in a detention center called Kahrizak, in the South of Tehran. As you will see, immediately after his release he put this note on a blog that he created for this. However I noticed within matter of hours after this publication the blog was hacked and instead of this note, there is a link to the security services website that is designed to identify protesters(gerdab website).[1]

[Update on the hacking issue see the new post]

Here is a link to an Iranian website that has mirrored the same note (in Persian)


In his note he has given the names of some people who died in that detention center and this is the first time that these names are released.
In translation, I tried to keep the original structure of the report.

I don’t know where to start. I hope you forgive my grammatical mistakes in this report that I am going to write about Irans’ Gunatanamo, Kahrizak camp. I am in a rush and I have to go soon. Now that I am writing this it is 8 minutes in the morning of Mordad 6th [July 28]. This morning me and a couple of others miraculously were rescued from death.

Now I have arrived home from the hospital and immediately I created this blog [1]

I was arrested on Tir 18th [July 8th]. I am 21 years old. Now that I am writing this I can not believe that I am free. In the 18th Tir protests, me and a friend of mine were on a motor bike and my friend was filming [the events] using his mobile phone, [suddenly ] plainclothes attacked and started beating us. A woman came to our rescue but they beat the poor woman too.
They dropped us in a minibus that was full of beaten and injured people and the minibus took us to the police station. I was so badly beaten that I did not know where I am. After that they put all of us back to the wall, me and my friend were standing together. A heavily build plainclothe [guard] came and pulled some of us out and put us in a minibus. From that moment onward I don’t have any news about my friend. They took us with tens of others to Kahrizak camp.
You can not believe this, at least in that room that we were held there were another 200 people. they were all injured and beaten by batons. You could hear people crying everywhere. I told to myself what are they going to do with us? May be tomorrow they will take us to a jail or a court or something. At least that would be better than being here.
There was no place to sit down, and there was blood everywhere on the walls.
I was thinking of my friend, he was not someone who could bear to be in such a place.
[Suddenly] some of the people [in the room] started crying and saying that one person is dead. Their voices was coming from the back of the room, but may be you can not believe this that we were all standing so close to each other that no one could move. The plainclothes guards came into the room and broke all the bulbs in the room and in the pitch dark started beating us, whomever they could. They did that for half an hour. Some went into a coma after that and may be they were dead.
After that they put a flash light into our faces and said if you make a noise we will put these batons into your a… . I could not believe that. I was thinking that this is just a nightmare.
“Sadegh”, who was apparently their superior, picked up the body of the dead person leaned it on the wall, put the flash light into the dead persons face and said:”We have the order to kill you all. you’ll be lucky if you don’t die like this mother f..r [pointing at the dead person]. Do not make any noise (he said) if you’ll be alive till tomorrow so be it, if not then …

He [Sadegh] said: “You are all “Mohareb”s [2] Do you know what “Moharabeh” means?”  In front there was 16-17 years old boy. He grabbed his neck and asked: “Tell these people what “Moharebeh” means.” “I don’t know”, the boy said. The guard started beating the boy while shouting “tell them” (what it means) . He beat the boy so much that he fainted. He [Sadegh the guard] said ” it mean Satan, it means criminal. He kept beating the boy, some people in the room protested; They also got beaten to death.

In our room at least 4 people died by the morning.

Sadegh shouted, “here there is no tooth brush and no toilet, you do your job right here!! understood?”

There was no healthy person among us [all injured], everyone had blood on their faces, or they had a black eye like me. Many with broken legs and arms. Because of the darkness in the room I could not see many of the people there. When they would open the door the light would hurt us badly.
In the morning after and other days we spent the time in the worst possible condition that I need more time to explain it all.
To prevent us dying of hunger everyday (I don’t know in the night or the morning) they would give a bag of leftover food which we would eat eagerly. You could find pieces of old bread, herbs and rice in the bag.
There was one person among us called Dr.Zareh and he was responsible to ration the food among us. I just knew him and many others by their voices. Till one day Sadegh came with some bulbs and after that he took us outside in the camp.
Wow! that was a sense of freedom for us! the blue sky and the sunlight was a new thing for all of us (oh by the way, they took us out because they wanted us to take out our dirt and feces) I am sorry that I am writing this like that, I hope when others come out of the camp they can explain better and I am sure that this camp is way worse than Guantanomo and Abu-Garib.
Anyway, based on Sadegh’s tyros, we were among the first whom they kicked out of the camp without being tried! due to the lack of space in the camp. And they threatened us if we say anything to anyone they will immediately kill us.
Immediately after my release I contacted my family using a passerby’s cell phone, and they came and picked me up. Freedom is sweet!
But remember that there are thousands of people still in Kahrizak camp in the worst possible condition.
Also I want to give the names of some who died in the camp that I have memorized their names. By the way, if those animals would take these people to a hospital they would have not been dead.
Hasan Shapuri (Student)
Reza Fatahi (Student)

Milad (no last name, he is the 16-17 years boys whom Sadegh beated him to death the first night and went to a coma after, and they took him with them but the doctor who was with us, somehow our senior, said that the boy was bleeding from his ears and mouth and unfortunately is dead)
Morteza Salahshoor
Morad Aghasi
Mohsen Entezami

Also I have the names of many of people who are still in custody in our camp and I will put their names on the same blog in the following days

God frees us from them
I can not believe where I have been 24 hours ago.
God, free all Iranians and freedom lovers as soon as possible!

P.S. I think with regards to the changes that were being made in Kahrizak, the detention center that their corrupt leader [Khameneh’ie] is supposed to close down is the same Kahrozak camp. Because many died in there.

Reza Yavari (my nickname)
Mordad 6th 1:10 AM [July 28]
Hope for the release of those who are still in Kahrizak

[1] within matter of hours after this publication the blog was hacked and instead of this note, there is a link to the security services website that is designed to identify protesters(gerdab website). Here is the link to the original post

[2] Mohareb: Enemy of God , and Moharebeh the act of fighting against God (I think!)

Video Reports from Here and There Regarding Iran Now

June 22, 2009

IRAN: Let the Earth bear witness! (Pepe Escobar)

Pepe Escobars fantastic 9 minutes commentary on Iran (he says everything that is relevant! )

People and Power, one of the first docs regarding Iran’s recent protests
Brzezinski on Iran

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria sits down with Fmr. National Security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski to discuss the Iran election crisis.

Some Background of What is Going on.

Here is a link to an interview with Pepe Escobar, by the Real News Netwrok. As an Iranian I found his views compatible with what that his happening in Iran right now and I think he has relatively good understanding of the matter.
Part I

Part II

Here it is Hundred Times Worse than Guantanamo:a night at floor “-4” of the Interior Ministry

June 19, 2009

Translated From Persian , sorry for the bad translation , I had to be as fast as I could.

here is the link to the original article:



A Night at floor “-4” of The Interior Ministry

Here it is Hundred times worse than Guantanamo

*A report of torture of students in the basement of the Interior Ministry In Tehran

Jun 2009

What you read bellow is a brief report of the process by which a number of student activists from Tehran University’s  Dormitory were arrested and transferred to a secret detention center in the basement of the interior ministry in Tehran. We hope all professors and students reading this text will have the chance to investigate this horrifying place in the future They violently arrested students while insulting them. The plainclothes agents accompanied with police, violently beat the students and verbally abused them while the arrests were taking place.
This was not limited only to the time of the arrest at the dormitory, but it continued and became even more severe later on, accompanied by physical and psychological torture on the way to the basement of the ministry.
Students at custody who were arrested without any reason and were randomly picked by the plainclothes agents mainly were transfered to the ministry or some
police station; Some were taken to Evin prison and are still there.

What you read bellow is based on testimonials of one of the students:

46 of us were put in a small bus and transfered to the basement of the ministry of interior. In the bus, they blindfolded us. they had tin metal plates put on top of each chair. on the way constantly they were hitting with their bats on these metal plates to create this horrifying noise and it was one of the worst psychophysical tortures at that time

After some traveling we noticed that the bus is going down on a ramp an indication of going into some sort of a basement. We overheard some agents whispering that we are going to the basement of the ministry of interior.
The basement of about 100 meters square was covered by black ashes and steam was still rising from it.
Afterwards they asked us to lay down and forced us to roll on the ground. They asked us to stay in our own row while rolling so that our heads do not touch the shoes of the people in the row above us, and if someones head would hit the other row, they would start beating us.
They would constantly ask ” ha! you want a revolution?…” and they they would start shouting the worse possible insults. For about 50 of us there were more than 20 guards and plainclothes there.
In the next stage, they asked us to sit down and to look at the floor or the ceiling. After few minutes of gazing at the floor, suddenly they would beat us with bats from behind on our head and neck.
While our heads were down on the floor, a soldier started kicking us in the head saying: “why don’t you look at the floor?” but everyones heads was down.
One of the other methods that they used was the horrifying noise of offloading bricks by supposedly construction workers that were working outside in the back of the
building, but it was clear that their main goal was just to make loud noise.
while we were cramped in one area in the basement heads down, workers were breaking the bricks with a horrifying noise, which was really making us nervous, and agitated.
Their behavior towards those students who wanted to use the bathroom was extremely inhumane too.
first of all it was an open bathroom with no walls around it , second the permitted time was only 30 seconds. after 30 seconds they would violently throw the student out of the “bathroom”. one of the worse scenes that we witnessed and will never forget was the time when the 30 seconds was over for one student, at this time one of the agents threw him out before he had time to pull his pants up, he threw him in the middle of us while beating him.
One of us had an injured  eye [due to beatings]. He complained to one of the agents saying he has severe pain in his eye and he is loosing his sight. but not only they did not give him a piece of cloth to put on his eye, but started violently beating him on the his face and head.
Another student with a broken leg was lying motionless in a corner, but even they did not show any mercy for him.
They did not even give us water. One time that they wanted to give us water they ordered us to open our mouths, heads up, and then pour water for few seconds on each row (we were arranged in rows of 5). Then one of their commanders showed up and asked them “did you satisfy their thirst?” one of them answered “yes”,  he pointed at the student with a broken leg and said: “So why is he dying? give him water” but do you think they really wanted to give us water?
This time they brought a hose. Some of us thought that they are going to really give us water, but what came out was boiling water that burnt our mouth.
but some were so thirsty that tried to drink it!
for food, they gave us this very old pasta that they put directly on our palms. Asking if you drop a piece you have to pick it up and eat it, and if some would fail to do so
they would kick him in the head.
Our hands barely could reach our mouth. but fearing for our lives we would pick the food of the floor mixed with ashes and dirt, this was repeated in the morning for breakfast.
Another shameless brutal act that I do not bare to recite , is the sexual abuse during custody. This was not only during our stay in the basement of the interior ministry, but sexual abuse continued when we were transfered to the “Security Police”.
Our one day stay in the “floor -4” of the ministry, was the worst day of our lives and we will never forget that.
One of the agents who came to the basement told us “this is 1000 times worst than Guantanamo!”

We will not ever forget the verbal abuse, at some points we thought that we will be there for ever and nobody would ever come to save us.
Another humiliating  moment was when almost after one hour of being underground rolling on the floor, they gathered us all together. At this time one student burst into tears, suddenly all of us started crying.
When they brought us to the “Security Police”, the [Tehran] Universities president – Dr.Rahbar- came with one of the members of the parliament.
While many journalists were there to take photos of this honorable moment! the University president was with them, they gave a T-shirt as a gift to each of us! so that people don’t see the blood on our shirts.
We had one big question at that the time, “Where was Dr.Rahbar on the night of the attack on the dormitory?”, and why he did not do anything to prevent the attack?
Our census was that Dr.Rahbar’s being there was just a propaganda, because if he would care about students he had to stop the attacks on the dorm to begin with.

Is it possible to imagine that under the rule of a government that claims to be Islamic , such horrendous and inhumane crimes are happening? Who is responsible for creating such a grim detention center in the “Ministry of Interior”?
Is this the Ministry of interior whose duty is to make sure of security of the citizens ? or a place for torturing students?

We think that this is the duty of all academics as the defenders of the Univerities to investigate this matter and this horrifying detention center.
We demand that instead of superficial pity of the University administration and giving us T-shirts as gifts, they better go and see this place for themselves and investigate. And to see with their own eyes that how the worst day of some of the students were spent that night.