White House reverses statement on Iran election !

Well, I think the original statement which now appears to be just a screw up (I hope) has been reverted.

“Let me correct a little bit of what I said yesterday. I denoted that Mr. Ahmadinejad was the elected leader of Iran. I would say that’s not for me to pass judgment on,” Robert Gibbs told reporters aboard Air Force One

I wonder if this was a response to the strong reaction from the public, or he really screwed up, if the later is the case, he must be reminded that he is the spokeman for the most influential office on this planet. A mistake of this sort has a very high cost.  One day life time of a false statement occupying major headlines can severly damage the reputation of an administration, and disappoint milions of people who are fighting for their freedom. Mind you that whebn it comes to the media you do not always deal with symmetric and reversible events.


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