Hanging by a green rope

The author of Kahrizak report, in  his new note mentions that he  is now in Turkey.

In a part of his note he recalls a staged execution for him: Hanging him by a green rope

“…. they took me in the middle of the night into a room and asked me to write my will.  Why? I asked, you’ll be executed at the time of the morning prayer [dawn], one of the guards said. I didn’t take it seriously.  What is my crime? The answer was that I am a “Monafegh”[1] and “Mohareb”.  They made me belive that I will be killed and while crying I wrote a letter to my mother and kid sister, about two pages. They took me by the gallows. They said they have picked a green rope for me since I like the color green! where are you Mr.Mousavi? they tied my hands and lead me to a chair. I told to myself, what have I done? ! What is going on outside? Is that possible that they have killed everybody and now it is a lawless state ou there? You mean it is not possible for people to come and break the doors and rescue me? I recalled my childhood memories. God, if I am really a “Mohareb” forgive me. God you know that I always used to attend religious ceremonies. I was not good in praying though but I would fast! God forgive me!God! is my mom sleeping now? I’m sure she is looking for me everywhere. What about my sister…. I was supposed to buy her a new cellphone. Oh God! I had tears in my eyes, and I was shaking. There were 6 of them in the room. One of them saw my tears and [he] was crying [too]. I looked at him he turned his face and he cried too. I really believed that this is the end of it. Mr Shahroodi! [the head of Irans judiciary system] Imagine yourself or your own child in my place! one of them said its time, drop the chair! I closed my eyes and waiting for the chair to fall! and someone hit the chair so hard that it was thrown to the other side of the room, but [someone] grabbed me and didn’t let me fall. “

He now reveals the name of “Sadegh” the butcher of the camp, his full name is : “Sadegh Montazer-Al-Mahdi” , and apparently “Sardar Radaan” one of the commanders of the Iranian Police force (he is a member of the revolutionary guards] himself has been directly involved in Kahrizak’s concentration camp crimes.

He mentions that he will soon reveal his identity. Although at this point still there is no way to evaluate the authenticity of the reports, what he says are believable and consistent with other independent reports . In fact I remember an acquaintance who spent years in Evin prison during the 80’s, he himself has been put in front of the execution squad twice. And a couple of times he was asked to pull the trigger on his comrades (while a guard holding the gun) .

In another quick note he mentions that some of his friends have been released from the camp, however the rest have been moved to a different province. There are speculations that the reason that Khamenh’ie ordered the camp to be closed down is because it is no longer a secrete detention center  and they want to clean up the crime scene (the same goes with the floor -4 detention center of the Interior ministry where I have a translated a report about what happened there to students on this blog. )



[1] Monafegh: Is a term that the regime started using to refer to the members of an armed opposition group “People’s Mojahedin of Iran”(PMOI), called “Mojahedin”  who branched off the body of the system in 1981. Now they are in exile in Iraq. I think the main reason that they picked the term Monafegh (hypocritsc) is because “Monafgeh” rymes with “Mojahed” ! Rhyming has been the backbone of the Iranian regimes Newspeak , probably a tribute to Iranians love for peotry!


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