A quick update on Kahrizak post

The author of the report has updated his blog, he says that he erased the blog himself (because he got scared that he might get arrested again) and by mistake put a link to “gerdab” website (?) , here is the link to his new post in Persian

In his new posts he mentions that there were also some relatives of high ranking officials (including the nephew of Jannati, a clergy in the assembly of experts- who is one of the supporters of Ahmdainejad , however the nephew was among the protesters, and apparently after revealing his identity they released him)

In the new post as he promised he is revealing the identities of some of the other detainees  in the camp (and alive by the time that he left)

Here is the translation of the last part of his recent post which he mentions the names


Assado-llah Zareh (Physician)

Hamid Lolagar

Afshin Esmi (he is in a very bad physical condition , constantly calling his mother and sisters , he is barely 16 , I wish they would have released him instead of me)

Ehsan Shabestari

Ahmad Nik-khah

Reza Enayat

Amin Azizi (he said that he is a police staff who has been on his time off)

Hamid Rezvani

Hooman Ahmadi (he is 18-19 and the most politically active in the group , he was not scared at all and kept saying that if they release him he would attend the protests again, he said he loves Mir Hossin Mousavi. When he was being beaten by the guards he would chant “YA Hossin – Mir Hossien”!!!! [one of the official slogans by the green movement] he would get beaten so hard by the plainclothes that his chanting would not make a difference anyways)

There was another important looking person (kind of middle age man) and looked like someone who would have been high up in the system, he did not identify himself , and after 3-4 days they took him out. he didn’t look like someone who would attend protests and he would not discuss anything with anybody. The plianclothes most of the times would spare him.


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