Here it is Hundred Times Worse than Guantanamo:a night at floor “-4” of the Interior Ministry

Translated From Persian , sorry for the bad translation , I had to be as fast as I could.

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A Night at floor “-4” of The Interior Ministry

Here it is Hundred times worse than Guantanamo

*A report of torture of students in the basement of the Interior Ministry In Tehran

Jun 2009

What you read bellow is a brief report of the process by which a number of student activists from Tehran University’s  Dormitory were arrested and transferred to a secret detention center in the basement of the interior ministry in Tehran. We hope all professors and students reading this text will have the chance to investigate this horrifying place in the future They violently arrested students while insulting them. The plainclothes agents accompanied with police, violently beat the students and verbally abused them while the arrests were taking place.
This was not limited only to the time of the arrest at the dormitory, but it continued and became even more severe later on, accompanied by physical and psychological torture on the way to the basement of the ministry.
Students at custody who were arrested without any reason and were randomly picked by the plainclothes agents mainly were transfered to the ministry or some
police station; Some were taken to Evin prison and are still there.

What you read bellow is based on testimonials of one of the students:

46 of us were put in a small bus and transfered to the basement of the ministry of interior. In the bus, they blindfolded us. they had tin metal plates put on top of each chair. on the way constantly they were hitting with their bats on these metal plates to create this horrifying noise and it was one of the worst psychophysical tortures at that time

After some traveling we noticed that the bus is going down on a ramp an indication of going into some sort of a basement. We overheard some agents whispering that we are going to the basement of the ministry of interior.
The basement of about 100 meters square was covered by black ashes and steam was still rising from it.
Afterwards they asked us to lay down and forced us to roll on the ground. They asked us to stay in our own row while rolling so that our heads do not touch the shoes of the people in the row above us, and if someones head would hit the other row, they would start beating us.
They would constantly ask ” ha! you want a revolution?…” and they they would start shouting the worse possible insults. For about 50 of us there were more than 20 guards and plainclothes there.
In the next stage, they asked us to sit down and to look at the floor or the ceiling. After few minutes of gazing at the floor, suddenly they would beat us with bats from behind on our head and neck.
While our heads were down on the floor, a soldier started kicking us in the head saying: “why don’t you look at the floor?” but everyones heads was down.
One of the other methods that they used was the horrifying noise of offloading bricks by supposedly construction workers that were working outside in the back of the
building, but it was clear that their main goal was just to make loud noise.
while we were cramped in one area in the basement heads down, workers were breaking the bricks with a horrifying noise, which was really making us nervous, and agitated.
Their behavior towards those students who wanted to use the bathroom was extremely inhumane too.
first of all it was an open bathroom with no walls around it , second the permitted time was only 30 seconds. after 30 seconds they would violently throw the student out of the “bathroom”. one of the worse scenes that we witnessed and will never forget was the time when the 30 seconds was over for one student, at this time one of the agents threw him out before he had time to pull his pants up, he threw him in the middle of us while beating him.
One of us had an injured  eye [due to beatings]. He complained to one of the agents saying he has severe pain in his eye and he is loosing his sight. but not only they did not give him a piece of cloth to put on his eye, but started violently beating him on the his face and head.
Another student with a broken leg was lying motionless in a corner, but even they did not show any mercy for him.
They did not even give us water. One time that they wanted to give us water they ordered us to open our mouths, heads up, and then pour water for few seconds on each row (we were arranged in rows of 5). Then one of their commanders showed up and asked them “did you satisfy their thirst?” one of them answered “yes”,  he pointed at the student with a broken leg and said: “So why is he dying? give him water” but do you think they really wanted to give us water?
This time they brought a hose. Some of us thought that they are going to really give us water, but what came out was boiling water that burnt our mouth.
but some were so thirsty that tried to drink it!
for food, they gave us this very old pasta that they put directly on our palms. Asking if you drop a piece you have to pick it up and eat it, and if some would fail to do so
they would kick him in the head.
Our hands barely could reach our mouth. but fearing for our lives we would pick the food of the floor mixed with ashes and dirt, this was repeated in the morning for breakfast.
Another shameless brutal act that I do not bare to recite , is the sexual abuse during custody. This was not only during our stay in the basement of the interior ministry, but sexual abuse continued when we were transfered to the “Security Police”.
Our one day stay in the “floor -4” of the ministry, was the worst day of our lives and we will never forget that.
One of the agents who came to the basement told us “this is 1000 times worst than Guantanamo!”

We will not ever forget the verbal abuse, at some points we thought that we will be there for ever and nobody would ever come to save us.
Another humiliating  moment was when almost after one hour of being underground rolling on the floor, they gathered us all together. At this time one student burst into tears, suddenly all of us started crying.
When they brought us to the “Security Police”, the [Tehran] Universities president – Dr.Rahbar- came with one of the members of the parliament.
While many journalists were there to take photos of this honorable moment! the University president was with them, they gave a T-shirt as a gift to each of us! so that people don’t see the blood on our shirts.
We had one big question at that the time, “Where was Dr.Rahbar on the night of the attack on the dormitory?”, and why he did not do anything to prevent the attack?
Our census was that Dr.Rahbar’s being there was just a propaganda, because if he would care about students he had to stop the attacks on the dorm to begin with.

Is it possible to imagine that under the rule of a government that claims to be Islamic , such horrendous and inhumane crimes are happening? Who is responsible for creating such a grim detention center in the “Ministry of Interior”?
Is this the Ministry of interior whose duty is to make sure of security of the citizens ? or a place for torturing students?

We think that this is the duty of all academics as the defenders of the Univerities to investigate this matter and this horrifying detention center.
We demand that instead of superficial pity of the University administration and giving us T-shirts as gifts, they better go and see this place for themselves and investigate. And to see with their own eyes that how the worst day of some of the students were spent that night.


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  1. lakish says:

    I’ll put your testimony on my Facebook page so the people of Quebec, my hamvatan, will know what is going on in Tehran. Don’t give up! Azadi mi-ayad!

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